What is lovewise?

The number one reason for mental issues, anxiety or personality disorders in the young is being raised in a home where if the adults in charge (usually parents) were asked to make a list of people they laugh with, they speak freely with, whose minds they admire and whom they consider to be fun friends, they would no longer put each other in the top three of that list; perhaps they never really did. The result is a home where the adults either fake, bicker excessively, or where one is neutered and the other wears the pants. For such adults, being free to express and, dear I say it, smile is something that happens with others, not with each other. Their children grow up to learn that at home, you fake, you pretend, you repress, you do not laugh much and since we are mimicking apes, these children grow up to repeat those patterns in their own adult homes.

This is NOT because that’s just the way it is, this is NOT because the honeymoon period doesn’t last, the reason is that we, all of us, are brainwashed into thinking this way. For centuries and millenia, we were told that being with someone is better than being alone so learn to accept the person you’re with, even if you do not see them as a fun friend, just so you don’t end up alone.

The mission of lovewise is to debunk this way of thinking and to say that being with someone who insists you speak your mind, you live without fear, you never apologise for who you are and who considers you to be fun company is better than being alone. However, being alone is a million times better than being with someone who doesn’t genuinely like you, the real you that your close friends know and love.

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Compass 4 Couples is a relationship gym for those who want their relationships to go from strength to strength.

We are a gym, most who go to a gym are healthy and want to keep it that way.

Compass is very much the same, we do not want you to wait until you have problems before you come to us.
Just like how you should not wait until you have serious health issues before you join a gym. Come to us EARLY!!! We want our gym to be full of couples in GOOD relationships who want to keep it that way. Think about it this way, if a friend sees a gym membership in your wallet, will they assume you have health issues? Of course not, similarly, when a friend sees a Compass membership in your wallet, we want them to assume that you must be in love.


‘Relationships Today’, an eye-opening interactive workout: This is powerful two hour workout that gives you a clear insight into the world of relationships today. It is an essential tool kit that will equip you with the ‘how to’ when it comes to finding love and, more importantly, keeping it happy.

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Along with one of our advisors, you can take a closer look at your relationship, find out where you are and see how you can get to where you want to be. You can do this alone or with your partner. Download our app to access this service.

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Get your own personal relationship advisor to chat to online from anywhere, at anytime, and about anything that’s on your mind. Download our app to access this service.

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Advancement in psychology has enabled us to learn so much about love and relationships.

However presently, such information is not made accessible to those that are in good relationships or even single; it is only given to those that are having serious problems and seek counselling.

This is a bit like locking all the healthy living advice away and only giving it to those that have serious health issues after years of bad living habits. Surely such useful information needs to be made available to all from as early as possible in a relationship, or even when you’re still single. It’s much easier to stay fit than to get fit.

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