What is a Relationship Gym?
All relationships change over time, just as we do. Compass helps you distinguish the difference between changes in life and changes in love.

We often maintain what we think is a happy relationship by ignoring our early trivial differences. Eventually this becomes habitual. Many relationship habits that we consider to be ok actually cause us harm. For instance, the advice: “some things you discuss with your friends, but not your partner” can be considered wise, but is it really? At Compass, we talk about these very things.


An eye-opening insightful look at relationships via an online workout designed to be carried out at your own pace in your own time. You will receive a download link directly after purchase.

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A chance to have a look at your own relationship with one of our coaches, the strengths, the areas to think about and the exercises worth trying. Relationship MOT’s are provided via an online video chat. You will be contacted by one of our relationship coaches within 48 hours of purchase to arrange a convenient time.

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Personal Relationship Coach

Get your own personal relationship coach to chat to online for 7 days about anything that is on your mind. During this time, you can chat to your coach for as long as you wish, from anywhere, at any time, as many times as you like.

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“Measure your relationship by how carefree you can be, not how careful you need to be.”

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